Journey of a Well Woven Rug - Preparing the Rug: Design

Before any of the exciting work of weaving can begin we must engage in one of the most important (and fun!) aspects of the process. Design! We draw inspiration from many places this includes current trends and the needs of our customers. However, we also find it important to keep a historical mind, to design with context. For this reason, many of our traditional and transitional designs are informed by both nature and classical architecture.

In the Timeless collection, for example, we have the "Fleur De Lis" Pattern. This pattern draws heavily from the European garden, evoking a calm, floral trellis, a garden full of lilies.


The Sydney collection features similarly inspired prints, though these take an even more geometric and architectural tack. The quatrefoil motif, seen here in Lizzy's Quatrefoil Multi, is a hot design featured in many historic and contemporary buildings and rugs.

Check out all our new and old collections for even more inspired designs and see our coming blogs for more on the process of design and manufacturing.

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