Journey of a Well Woven Rug: Photography - The Making of a Promotional Image

At Well Woven we take great pride in our work. We like what we do and how we do it, from manufacturing through on to sales. It is important for us to reflect this pride and our commitment to quality in all aspects of our business. One important aspect of this effort is providing accurate and detailed images of our products.

This winter we moved into a larger warehouse space and began receiving our fresh, new collections. Taking advantage of this more open space and fantastic collections, we lost no time in setting new standards for high quality product images. In the following months we will continue to revamp our photographic efforts so that every collection features not only the standard overhead photographs but also more visually compelling room scenes. The inclusion of just one ottoman or throw pillow can really bring a rug to life. This effort is a work in progress, but for now we would like to show you a short, behind the scenes look at the production of our home screen image.


We began, of course, with a rug. Here it is was early sample of our Timeless Abbasi Green 3605.


Then we had to think.


Once the general concept was established we set the scene.


That setup yielded this image.


Not all ideas are great ones. Back to the drawing board.


Lose the grass, cut the clutter, and you end up with this.


The result of over 150 images and hours of preparation, photography, and editing. We found a lot out about what works and what doesn't and we're excited to share with you what we have learned in the coming months.

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