Carpet Styles and Colors: Trends from Domotex 2017

Brush up your carpet fashion with our recap of the latest trends: Domotex is a major event for textile, rugs and flooring industry that dictates the trends for a season 2017 – 2018. We sifted through tons of new carpet designs to spot emerging tendencies while running out showroom. This year, the carpet industry offered more visual interest with chunky geometrics, dark backgrounds, interlocking tessellating tiles, patterned mosaics in bold and bright colors and much more.

Carpet Color Palette for 2017

Meet the colors that are trending this season. As you see, neutral beige rugs have not gone away.  It is still popular, like in old days when the choices in carpet were limited to basic beige. But today's versions have more texture and pattern. The amount of blue in carpets was overwhelming this time. And the “shades of lavender” color worked perfectly well on its own and in combination.

Let’s take a closer look at the best color combinations with trending palette that we came across at Domotex.

Bold Geometricsics

Geometric rugs are classic now, but they are still trending. Bold, modern geometric patterns are not necessarily symmetric. The designers play with asymmetry playing with trendy colors such as “shades of lavender”.


Shaggs in a New Construction

Shaggs with long hair and animal fur looks came into fashion back in the 1970s. Now they are designed in a very different way with new technologies and materials. In 2017, their softness is trendy again.


Patterned Mosaics in Bold and Bright Colors

Whether it is diamonds, squares or subtle stripes, the patterns are getting bright and bold looks. Sometimes they are created by parts that are looped and parts that are cut, and some by using two or more colors.


Interlocking Tessellating Tiles, Tilted Angles, and Distressed Texture

Carpet texture and structure is getting more and more sophisticated from year to year. You should expect more experiments with distressed textures and interlocking tiles in 2017.


Dark Backgrounds

A neutral background is not the only way to make the patterns on rugs stand out. Designers started to use dark and even purely black color to make the ornaments shine.


Vintage Look with a Hint of Persian History

Moroccan lettuce pattern has been getting popular for the last three-four years. But now it is coming in a new formula and texture. A vintage look is often combined with oversized oriental ornaments. Oriental is still trending this season but implemented in modern colors.


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