8 Rugs for Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year, “Ultra Violet”

In a moment savored by the visually oriented and color obsessed, Pantone revealed ultra-violet as its color of 2018. The dreamy, imaginative shade celebrates the “marriage between the passionate red violets and the strong indigo purples,” according to Pantone’s Vice President Laurie Pressman. The unusual hue connotes creativity, thoughtfulness, meditation, and--with its mystical connotations--the celestial.

Pressman explained that the color is meant to reflect the idea of not living inside or outside the box, but doing away with it all together. Many people have responded to the color with either extreme love or distaste, uncannily enough creating boxes all over again. But this polarized response could have to do with the elements of the color themselves. With passionate and heated red mixing with cool and withdrawn blue, the color incorporates completely opposite elements. Sometimes opposites attract. Other times, they make you want to run for the hills.

However you feel about Ultra Violet, we’ve compiled eight of our favorite purple-hued rugs as a way of paying tribute to the color. From a dreamy sanctuary to contemplative study to zany play room, these rugs are are meant to inspire, delight, and inform your next home decorating solution.

A Relaxed Reading Corner

The eye-pleasing lattice on this rug make it well suited for a relaxed reading corner. Its lavender hue shimmers playfully, and pairs well with neutral tones. We like how the metal and glass fixtures complement the rug’s light aspects, and harmonize with its clean, simple design.



A Dream Sanctuary

Sleep blissfully with this ultra calming floral lavender rug. Its soothing color is also super soft, making it perfect for bare feet right before bed. The floral pattern adds elegance, while remaining subtle enough for a master bedroom with a feminine touch.

An Imaginative Play Room 

Remember when you were a kid, and learning about the cosmos blew you away? That same experience can be had again with this out-of-the world rug. With celestial inspiration and funky patterns, it’s a great addition to any area in your home where creativity is encouraged.

A Sociable Living Room

This kilim-style rug has just enough warm tonality to make it perfect for a more extroverted area, while remaining cozy thanks to its thoughtful accents. We love how the yellow and blue play off the main color, while the white streaks give it a worn-in, homey feel.

A Philosopher’s Study 

We like to think that the deep purple of this rug encourages deep contemplation, and the blue running through is like the river of one’s mind. Whether you dwell on thoughts of philosophy or phyllo dough, this rug certainly invites you to reflect and ponder, while keeping your feet nice and cozy on its soft threads.

A Bright Boho Bedroom 

Keep things fresh with this beautiful boho-inspired modern rug. The simple pattern allows you to mix and match with a variety of other options, textiles and shapes. The white color makes it perfect for a lower traffic area that wants to retain a cheerful vibe, such as a bedroom that gets daytime use.

An Enchanting Dining Room 

The lush, vibrant shades in this vintage rug can inspire many a dazzling dinner conversation. Its vintage pattern ensures its not coloring too far outside the lines, while its durability and easy-to-clean-status makes it an easy solution for dropped dinner morsels.

A Sweet and Fresh Living Room 

This rug mixes a blend of bright, clean elements that play to the favor of its eye-catching vintage design. It’s got just the right balance of sophistication, whimsy, and elegance--a winning combination for all involved.

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