Top 5 Trending Modern Styles of 2017

Do you want to give a luxurious look to YOUR master living room? Are YOU searching for a new rug to give a new look to your modern apartment? Or just checking latest design trends? We are here to help! The year is just getting started and already we're seeing some standout styles. To help inspire you and keep your contemporary space on trend, here are our top five.


Bold and Bright

Area rugs so famous for living rooms in USA simply because they are so beautiful! Big and loud, over saturated colors are the perfect way to add a splash of spring for your home. These centerpiece rugs go well with neutral tones like chocolate or slate and will brighten even the darkest of floors. Eclectic patterns and vibrant colors will add that wow factor to any room.

Partridge Multicolored Modern Rug   Finese Multicolored Modern Rug    Kaleidoscope Multicolored Modern Rug

Bright Modern Rug


Tradition for the Modern Home

You may think it's weird for a second...but here is a rule of contrast at work! A carefully selected vintage rug will perfectly finish the modern home design. An old pattern making a room look new? Combine a classic ikat pattern with bright colors, add a distressed effect, and you have a vintage style rug that fits elegantly into a warm, bohemian space. These unique styles lie elegantly at the intersection between whimsy and class.


Modern Vintage Rug


The Strongest Shape

Hard lines and sharp angles can take disparate elements and drawn them all together toward a central spot. Or, paired with simple, modern furniture, this geometric pattern will complete a sleek look. Whether as a repeating tiled or chevron pattern, the triangle continues to reign supreme.

Vector Red Geometric Rug   

Modern Geometric Rug 


Grand, Sweeping, Circles

The ever popular geometric circles pattern practically screams spring. Creating a feeling of motion and activity, they allow for an openness that really expands a room. These spacious patterns could make a broom closet feel like the grand ballroom. Or a particularly large dance studio, at least.

Modern Circle Rug


When in Doubt, Get Crazy

Is a traditional rug just too stuffy? Are triangles a bit too ordered for your eclectic taste? Then why not go free-form with an abstract geometric pattern? These styles take the strong lines of a geometric rug and blur them a bit. They're unique, fun, and go with just about any decor.


Fun Modern Rug


Last but not least

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